Based in Geneva since 1989 VIDEO FREE LANCE is a video company working with the ability to meet the highest standards of video

and television production.


Already working for news agencies and television channels,like REUTERS, APTN, BBC, SSR, MBC, L’ARABIA,FUJI TV, ANTENNA3, etc... 

As well as for Intenational organisations, such as UN, WHO,

OHCHR, ILO, UNAIDS, HCR, WTO and others.


Our experience in the field is being improved by  regular participations

on missions for the following UN agencies: UNO, PNUD, UNAIDS,



As our company name indicates, we are working with a large array

of freelancers,(journalists and techniciens) who can be quickly mobilized for a job.


Starting from 2014, we have a new service  providing  live- streaming

on the internet from one or more cameras  through a mixing system (multi-camera ).